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13 13 75

For urgent faults such as no water, overflows, security concerns about our assets and infrastructure and anything causing harm or danger, call us.

Water outages

View a list of current water outages and restoration time

Top fault enquiries

My water looks, tastes or smells funny what should I do?

My meter is leaking what should I do?

My toilet won't flush what should I do?

Report a fault

If you have a fault such as a meter or verge leak, water discolouration, taste or smell, or water pressure issue report it online.

Report a fault

13 13 85

For any enquiries regarding your account such as bill explanations, payments, financial assistance, high water use and updating your personal details.

Top account enquiries

I don't understand my bill can you explain it to me?

Why is my bill so high?

What financial help is available?

I need to update my details

How can I sign up to My Water?

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13 13 95

For any enquiries regarding building and subdivision applications, trade waste, water/sewerage services and infill sewerage.

Top building enquiries

What services are available at a property?

How do I obtain a flimsy or e-plan (sewer diagram)?

I am building or developing, what do I need to know?

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13 10 39

For any enquiries about watering days and information, water saving tips or to report a breach of the watering roster.

Top waterwise enquiries

What are my watering days?

What are the water use do's and dont's?

Report a sprinkler breach

Apply for a watering exemption

Email us your waterwise enquiry

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13 13 85

For any general enquiries regarding our water, our role or sponsorship opportunities.

Top enquiries

How are my watering days determined?

How many litres of water do people use in Perth each year?

Why don't you build more dams?

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13 13 85

For calls between 8am–5pm weekdays

13 13 75

For faults, emergencies or security issues, or calls outside of business hours (24 hours)

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Osborne Park Delivery Centre
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Water Corporation
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Osborne Park Delivery Centre
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Fax: 9423 7722
629 Newcastle Street
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Translation & interpreter service

13 14 50

Please call the Translation and Interpreter Service and ask for:
13 13 85 (account enquiries), 13 13 75 (faults, emergencies and security) or 13 13 95 (building services).

National Translation and Interpreter Service symbol

Hearing or speech impaired customers

13 36 77

Please call the National Relay Service and ask for:
13 13 85 (account enquiries), 13 13 75 (faults, emergencies and security) or 13 13 95 (building services).


International customers

+ 618 9423 7777