Margaret River waste water offer for community benefit


Water Minister Dr Graham Jacobs made the following statement in relation to Water Corporation activities:

Water Minister Graham Jacobs has supported the Water Corporation's claim that the 12 cents a kilolitre it has proposed the Augusta-Margaret River council pay for treated wastewater to irrigate parks, gardens and its golf course, reflects only the cost to deliver the water to the shire.

Dr Jacobs said comments that the corporation was proposing an excessive amount for delivery of the wastewater were wrong and that the corporation would only break even for a service that would greatly benefit the Margaret River community and the golf course.

"I discussed this issue at length with a council representative when I was in Margaret River earlier this year," he said.

"Following those discussions, I asked the Water Corporation to review its initial proposal to charge 20 cents a kilolitre for the water to ensure that all the council would be paying for this water was the delivery cost incurred by the corporation.

"The corporation subsequently provided me with detailed information that demonstrated conclusively that it would cost 12 cents a kilolitre to deliver the water to the council and I made this fact known."

The Minister said the Corporation's policy relating to the supply of treated wastewater -that the price paid must reflect the additional cost of providing the recycled wastewater to a customer - was fair to everyone.

Dr Jacobs said recycling schemes were priced on a case-by-case basis.

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