In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we no longer donate bottled water to community events taking place in the Perth metropolitan area, or where drinking water is accessible free of charge.

We have previously provided bottled water to a range of community events, causes and volunteers through the Refreshing WA Water program.

Due to the considerable plastic waste resulting from this practice, it is not sustainable for the program to continue within the Perth metropolitan area.

Our regional offices may be able to support some community events, however our bottled water allocations are designed to cater for water supply outages and emergency services to ensure that drinking water is still available to the community in these circumstances.

When considering a regional request for bottled water, we assess our current stocks and also whether there is a strong business alignment of the event/organisation requesting the water; successful requests are a one-off and should not be considered as ongoing support.

All submissions for bottle water requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before the event date. Submissions received after this timeframe will not be considered.

For more information, or to make a request please contact our Partnership Coordinator via the request form below.