Have you ever wanted to know how waterwise your home is? Well it is really easy to find out by using Water Corporation’s new online water use calculator.

Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar said the water use calculator was perfect for busy households who wanted to put together a water saving plan, quickly and tailored for their home.

“The water use calculator uses a traffic light system to give a rating for each room of your home, including the bathroom, kitchen and living area, laundry and garden,” Ms Lugar said.

“This provides an overall waterwise rating for your home, compared to others of a similar size. The calculator then creates a water saving action plan, personalised to you.

“By calculating the amount of water used in each area of the home, the action plan is able to hone in on areas which can achieve the most significant savings.

“You can then print, email or even share your action plan on social media. We encourage our customers to take the waterwise challenge in 2015 and share their results on social media and encourage friends and family to become waterwise too.

“If we all show some Fresh Water Thinking we can help save water in our drying climate.”

Reducing water use is a key component of the Water Corporation’s Water Forever 50-year plan to help secure water supplies in our drying climate. To read more about the plan, visit watercorporation.com.au

This week’s water use:

  • Perth’s daily water use was around 1.096 billion litres yesterday.
  • The record for the highest daily water use was on 31 January 1991, with water use reaching 1.35 billion litres - the equivalent of 600 Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • So far, water use for 2014/15 is 10 million litres less than expected, which is a great outcome but with more hot weather ahead it’s important to continue to save.
  • Each year, Water Corporation supplies about 300 billion litres of water to Perth customers.  

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