*Updated at 4.35pm 14 March 2015*

Water Corporation crews are working to repair a major water main damaged by a fallen tree in Carnarvon during TC Olwyn that has significantly impacted on water supplies to the town.

Mid West Regional Manager Stephen Greeve said a combination of a loss of power and several damaged water mains have made it difficult for the Corporation to restore supply.

“We are aiming to restore a limited continuous supply of water in Carnarvon by early this evening, but it may take longer.”

“In the meantime bottled water is available and will be distributed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services from the Carnarvon Post Office on Camel Lane.”

Mr Greeve said the Water Corporation have 12 staff on the ground and two generators capable of running Carnarvon’s bores to supply water to the entire town.

Carnarvon residents are asked to use water sparingly and people throughout the Mid West in general are advised to conserve water as much as possible over the next 48 hours.

“We ask that our customers work with us and only use the town water supply for drinking, cooking food and for personal hygiene, such as showering and flushing the toilet,” Mr Greeve said.

Water supplied to town residents by the Water Corporation is safe to drink. There are no issues with the wastewater system.

Customers experiencing any difficulties with their water supply should contact the Water Corporation immediately on 13 13 75, and check for updates online at www.watercorporation.com.au.

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