‚ÄčThe City of Bayswater is one of the latest local governments to become a Waterwise Council, Water Minister Mia Davies announced today during National Water Week.

"As we come off the back of another very dry winter in Perth, I am pleased to announce the City of Bayswater is one of three more local governments that have demonstrated water conservation across a range of areas to achieve this status," Ms Davies said.

"The partnership with local government is an essential component in achieving water savings in our communities, and Western Australia's local governments are demonstrating clear leadership with 29 councils who are now Waterwise and another 32 working towards endorsement."

The Minister said the City of Bayswater had employed water saving techniques and technologies to create efficiencies and improvements in the irrigation of parks and ovals and water use in council-run facilities such as Bayswater Waves.

"Use of a centralised irrigation system that tracks consumption and use of groundwater or stormwater rather than scheme water to irrigate of the city's parks and reserves are major achievements," she said.

"Installation of pool blankets at Bayswater Waves and water efficient shower heads within community facilities will also help conserve valuable scheme water supplies.

"These facilities run by local government are a major contributor to the community health, wellbeing, and lifestyle we enjoy in Western Australia, and ensuring water use is sustainable is essential to their long term viability.

"Waterwise practices are crucial to meeting the increasing demand for amenities such as parks, sporting fields and recreation facilities in a drying climate."

Fact File

  • The Waterwise Council program is a State Government initiative, developed by the Department of Water and Water Corporation in 2009
  • Local governments in the State have a combined total of 263 licenses covering 60 billion litres of groundwater and 900 million litres of surface water per year
  • In addition to this local governments also consume more than five billion litres of scheme water per annum in their facilities, amenities and reserves

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