Water Corporation is urging Western Australians to trap the fat this Christmas and it’s not referring to waistlines.

Rinsing or flushing of fats, oils, grease and leftovers can cause problems all year round, but can be especially harmful to the wastewater system at this time of year when so many of us are preparing meals for the big day.

Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar said many people did not realise when fat cooled down it solidified and could cause serious pipe blockages in internal property plumbing or its wastewater system.

“Blockages can lead to wastewater backing up in our system and possibly overflowing into your house, street, or nearby park,” Ms Lugar said. Every day, Water Corporation safely collects more than 400 million litres of wastewater from households, commercial businesses and industry through over 17,000 kilometres of wastewater mains across WA.

“We can’t always see the fat bergs and blockages in our system – that is until an overflow occurs,” Ms Lugar said.

“Responding, repairing and cleaning up overflows caused by fat blockages is expensive and time consuming for our crews, and distressing for property owners.

“It’s important for everyone to remember even if they pour things down the sink ‘just the once’ if one million other people have the same thought then that can spell trouble for your plumbing and our wastewater system.”

Ms Lugar said the solution was simple: trap the fat in a sealed container and bin it, don’t pour it down the sink.

The extra effort will also mean the only jolly man to visit your house this festive season will be in a red suit bearing gifts, and not a plumber you’ve had to call out.

For more information on what not to flush visit watercorporation.com.au/flush

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