Water Corporation closed the recreational area at Churchman Brook Dam last week after wrapping at the base of a steel pipe in the playground was found to contain potentially hazardous material.

Sampling showed positive results for chrysotile (white) asbestos and the chemicals Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB).

Independent reviews were commissioned immediately through an external consulting group, and Water Corporation also conducted further sampling. All results found both low levels of detection and a low risk of exposure to all three potentially hazardous materials.

As a precaution and, to remove any risk of on-going exposure, the entire recreational area at the dam was closed while the playground, installed in 1997, was safely dismantled, soil in the area was removed and further testing was undertaken.

The wider dam recreational area was re-opened on Saturday 21 December and the playground area has been closed off until new equipment is installed in 2020.

A thorough inspection of all Water Corporation-owned recreational areas around the State is currently being undertaken, to ensure there are no potentially hazardous materials on these sites.

There was no risk to the water supply at Churchman Brook Dam.

Water Corporation is committed to ensuring asbestos and potentially harmful materials present on its sites are appropriately managed to protect the health of its employees, contractors, the community and the environment.

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