Did you know there are sprinkler rosters in place across Western Australia? Water Corporation is reminding communities across the Mid West and Gascoyne to check their sprinkler systems are set to the correct days.


Water Corporation Acting Mid West Regional Manager, Nicky Waite, explained how the sprinkler roster worked.


“Communities north of Kalbarri and Kalgoorlie can use their sprinklers on alternate days,” Mrs Waite said.


“Communities south of, and including, Kalbarri and Kalgoorlie are subject to a two-day-per-week sprinkler roster. Your allocated watering day is based on the last digit of your house or lot number. If there is no house number, the lot number is used.”


The best way to check your rostered sprinkler day is to visit Water Corporation’s website watercorporation.com.au


Remember to only use your sprinklers once on your rostered day either before 9am or after 6pm. Those with a bore are able to water on additional days.


Property owners receive a $100 fine if they are sighted breaching the sprinkler roster by an inspector, and a warning if they are reported by a member of the public, or if an inspector observes sprinklers have been used.


If you witness anyone breaching the sprinkler roster, you can now report this online at watercorporation.com.au/breach or by calling 13 13 85.


Mrs Waite praised the majority of Mid West residents for being waterwise, with 28 warnings and 19 fines issued in 2018.


“Most people do the right thing when it comes to following the sprinkler roster and Water Corporation research shows it is strongly supported in the community, but a small number of residents still do not comply,” Mrs Waite said.


“It is also important for residents to regularly check their irrigation controllers, especially after power outages which can reset sprinkler systems to come on every day.” 


For more information about sprinkler rosters, visit Water Corporation’s website www.watercorporation.com.au

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