Water Corporation reminds residents in the North West that a garden sprinkler roster is in place.


Water Corporation North West Regional Manager Rino Trolio said despite the hot weather, watering your garden every second day was still sufficient for it to stay healthy.

“Throughout the North West, lawns and gardens can be watered once every alternate day, either before 9am or after 6pm,” Mr Trolio said.

“If the last digit of your house number is even, you can water on even numbered days of the month or odd days of the month if your house number is odd. If there is no house number, the lot number is used.

“Watering in the evening or early morning will help to minimise evaporation and allow plants to rehydrate before the next day’s heat.”

Mr Trolio said it was important for residents to regularly check their irrigation controllers to ensure they were set correctly to comply with the sprinkler roster.

"Water Efficiency Inspectors patrol all towns in the North West and customers breaching the roster could be issued with a warning or a $100 fine,” Mr Trolio said.

“Most people do the right thing when it comes to following the sprinkler roster and Water Corporation research shows it is strongly supported in the community, but a small number of residents still do not comply.”

More information on the sprinkler roster, which is based on the last digit of your street number, is available at www.watercorporation.com.au or by calling 13 13 85.

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