• Metropolitan water production and wastewater treatment services to be brought back in‑house to Water Corporation after they were privatised by the Liberals
  • Around 170 employees to transition to the Government-owned utility
  • Decision will bring consistent service delivery across the whole State and achieve financial savings of about $2 million per annum
  • Honours election commitment to return privatised services where possible and economically beneficial
  • Latest round of services transitioning into Water Corporation is in addition the 250 workers returning to public hands

The McGowan Labor Government has announced the Water Corporation will bring metropolitan water production and wastewater treatment services back in-house.

The Water Corporation entered into an alliance agreement to deliver these services in July 2012. The agreement, named Aroona Alliance, is a partnership between Suez Water Pty Ltd (Suez), Broadspectrum and Water Corporation. 

The decision to in-source was recently made by Water Corporation's Board following an internal review of the alliance delivery model.

About 170 Aroona Alliance employees will now transfer to the Government-owned utility by the end of June 2020 and will be provided continued employment with the Water Corporation.

The core services provided through the alliance include the operation and maintenance of water, wastewater and recycling plants, dams, groundwater bores and trunk mains in the greater Perth metropolitan area.

It follows the decision announced in August to transition metropolitan network operations and maintenance services back into the Water Corporation by March 2020, bringing 250 previously privatised jobs into the publicly-owned utility. These services are being brought back in-house 25 years after they were privatised by the then Liberal Government.   

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

"It's pleasing to see more and more essential services being brought back into public hands.

"This decision to in-source metropolitan water production and wastewater treatment services is responsible one that will benefit the community for years to come and is a great result for about 170 local workers.

"The publicly-owned utility will be able to deliver better services for Western Australians, and also provide a saving of about $2 million to the WA taxpayer each year."

Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:

"Bringing these services back into public hands will give Water Corporation control over its maintenance and operations within the metropolitan area - consistent with how it already operates in other parts of the State.

"This decision will position the Water Corporation well for the future, ensuring it has the resilience to continue to respond to the impacts of climate change and a growing State, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

"The Aroona Alliance workforce are to be commended for their work and I look forward to having their expertise in-house when they become Water Corporation employees."

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