Please contact us for assistance if your circumstances have changed and you wish to cancel a concession.

A concession will be cancelled if:

  • Your concession card is no longer valid
  • The owner or tenant has vacated the property
  • The owner of a property has passed away and no other concession card holders occupy the property

If you are a co-owner who will continue to reside in your home and you have a valid concession card then you do not need to cancel your concession. We will assist you with a “continuation” application instead.

Any concession cancellation that we process will also be sent to your local government for review.

If the owner of your property has moved out to a nursing home due to ill health your concession may still continue if their belongings remain in the home and if the home is not rented out to someone else.

Please contact us between 8am – 5pm during weekdays on 1300 659 951 for assistance.