Where services are close but not directly available to a property you can still request a connection with a service by agreement.

This agreement states that some quality and supply standards may not be met such as:

  • Drinking water quality that cannot be guaranteed
  • Water pressure that may be poor, excessive or fluctuate
  • Flow rate that may be limited or inconsistent
  • Interruptions to supply that may occur without notice

How do I know if my property has a Service by Agreement?

We will include a notification on your water bills and send an annual reminder so you are aware of your service conditions.

If you’ve purchased an established property, it is the responsibility of the previous owner to initially inform prospective buyers of service conditions for the property. A notification should also be included on the property title stating the service conditions. Once you purchase the property, we will notify you of the service conditions.

If you require further information about your service conditions please call our Contact Centre on 13 13 75.

Water pressure and flow rate

If you have a Service by Agreement for water pressure and/or flow rate you don’t need to do anything beyond acknowledging that your water pressure may be poor, excessive or fluctuate and/or your flow rate may be limited or inconsistent.

Water quality

If you have a Service by Agreement regarding water quality you may have to treat your own water.

Water Corporation cannot guarantee that the water will comply with drinking water requirements at all times. The responsibility for treatment lies with you.

You must make arrangements for your water to be treated if you need it for domestic purposes including for drinking, making beverages, ice or food preparation, bathing, showering or any other purpose which may result in the potential for the water to be consumed. The water can be used for other household purposes such as washing clothes and flushing the toilet without pre-treatment.

There are a variety of treatment systems that can remove contaminants in drinking water including ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination and water filters.

Visit the Western Australian Department of Health to find out more about water treatment methods.

Why do I require a service agreement?

There are a number of factors that can affect the quality of water, pressure, flow and continuity supplied by us.

  • During the winter months many customers draw their water supply from their own dams therefore water supplied through our scheme may remain unused in the pipe network for some time. As a result the disinfectant (chlorine or chloramine) concentration in our smaller pipelines may dissipate.
  • Some scheme pipelines and internal farm pipelines may be exposed to direct sunlight and as a result (especially during summer) the water temperatures can get relatively high which reduces the presence of the disinfectant.
  • Some of our systems are designed to supply the daily volume of water over 24 hours. This can cause the flow rate to reduce during peak demand periods.
  • Higher pressure can occur when the supply system needs more pressure to get the water to higher ground. Low pressures are often experienced by customers whose properties are on higher ground. Peak demand periods can also have an impact on water pressure.
  • Pipeline maintenance, peak demand conditions and low water pressure can all affect the supply of water to a property.