Cooling towers are important components of many cooling systems in large commercial facilities and often consume large amounts of water.

This online course has been developed to provide you with a better understanding of opportunities to save water in existing cooling tower systems in commercial and light industrial facilities.

Course overview

The course will cover:

  • General understanding of cooling tower components that influence water consumption.
  • Steps to minimise water use in a cooling tower, including controlled and uncontrolled losses.
  • Roles and responsibilities of facility managers and water treatment providers in managing water consumption in a system.
  • Minimising water consumption through improved design and use of alternative water sources.
  • Associated risks and legislative requirements that influence water consumption in a system.

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for staff responsible for the day to day management of cooling towers, including:

  • Operations managers
  • Facility managers
  • Building managers
  • Water treatment providers

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