Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) pre-qualification is a way for you to show us that you are competent in identifying and managing your HSE risks.

To see if you are pre-qualified and what you are pre-qualified for go to the supplier profile in our eProcurement supplier portal. This will show your current HSE and performance information.

Category qualification

If a category of work is closely aligned with your current pre-qualified category then our Safety Environment and Aboriginal Affairs (SEAA) Business Unit can perform an HSE assessment. We will add the new category to your profile if the assessment is successful.

For example if you are pre-qualified for excavation to 1.5 metres and you are asked to carry out landscaping involving digging a 0.5m deep trench for reticulation as well as a small retaining wall with some garden beds then adding the additional category of landscaping and gardening to your pre-qualification is a quick process and no further information would be required.

If a category is not aligned with your pre-qualified category then our SEAA Branch will request new information from you for assessment.

For example if you are pre-qualified for landscaping and you wish to excavate to three metres.

No pre-qualification needed

Not all contractors and suppliers will require pre-qualification.

Suppliers who provide materials or contractors who provide office-based services do not need pre-qualification.

If you do need to be pre-qualified it can take up to two weeks from us receiving your information until you can be pre-qualified.

HSE pre-qualification assessment

You will be assessed on the information you provide in your application form. The HSE pre-qualification system is transparent and fair to contractors of all sizes.

You will only be required to demonstrate systems in place to manage typical HSE risks associated with the services that you provide. For example a contractor who is applying for a Tier 1 (higher contract value) will be required to meet a higher and more stringent HSE criteria compared to contractor applying for a Tier 3 (lower contract value).