Check these important factors when you are buying or selling a business that has trade waste permit conditions or any trade waste non-compliance related to the business.

Buying a business

If you are buying a business, you must:

  • ask the current owner to provide you their valid trade waste permit to review the general and any special conditions that may impact a new business owner. As Water Corporation reviews trade waste standards on a regular basis or business may have changed their processes or practices from their original permit approval there may be additional permit conditions to that of the previous owner in order to meet current Water Corporation Standards – as any of our standards change we update our trade waste web pages
  • ensure the new business owner applies for a trade waste permit. Trade waste permits are not transferable and businesses must obtain written permission in the form of a trade waste permit before discharging to our wastewater system under the Water Services Act 2012.

If you are buying a retail food business, you must also:

  • confirm if your proposed business needs pre-treatment in the form of a grease arrestor
  • confirm if the business is connected to a grease arrestor
  • confirm the grease arrestor installed meets the current sizing standards.

As the new owner it is your responsibility to complete and submit a new trade waste application and understand the requirements relating to the business's waste discharge.

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Selling a business

The business owner is legally required to notify Water Corporation, in writing, within 14 days of selling or closing a business.

You also have an obligation to advise any potential buyer of the trade waste permit conditions or any trade waste non-compliance related to the business.