We asked and you told us. Our Tap In program gathered your thoughts and ideas about WA's water future.

Tap In was our state-wide community engagement program and customer research program that helped us identify what’s important to our customers. We invited everyone across the state to join the conversation and let us know what was important to them when it came to water in WA. Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback to Tap In.

What was the Tap In process?

Phase 1

You told us what your number one issue was about water and water-related services in WA. We then asked you to rank the top ten themes the community identified in the order you believe are most important for the community. The results of this activity showed us that three themes ranked as the most important:

  • Water sources for the future
  • Water quality
  • Reducing water use

Phase 2

We invited you to tell us a bit more about each of these themes. Over 4,000 people across WA have taken part through surveys, feedback and sharing ideas. Explore the themes below to see what the community told us:

Phase 3

We developed a number of options based on the feedback we received relating to drinking water sources, non-drinking water sources, saving water, customer and community initiatives, and pollution and environmental impacts.

These options were then presented back to the community for consideration via a survey. The community then traded off the options against one another, thereby providing the Corporation with a clear understanding of which options our customers valued the most.

In the last phase of the program we reviewed all of the customer feedback, and evaluated how this customer feedback could be incorporated into our future decision making processes.

Where we are now

Tap In has provided us with a strong understanding of our customers’ most important issues, their preferred solutions and therefore what they expect from Water Corporation. We commit to Tap In becoming an ongoing process where we will continually provide our customers with a mechanism for having a voice into our business and having input into our strategic decisions.