Project goal:

Complete essential upgrades to the existing reservoir



What's happening?

Upgrade work includes:

  • Installing new inlet pipes and valves which will have the ability to be remotely controlled
  • Relining the reservoir to repair cracks and minimise leakage
  • Upgrading the existing fencing and electrical works
  • Resurfacing the bitumen
  • Encasing existing pipes to protect them from leaks and breaks

Where is this happening?

Work will take place at the Buckland Hill Reservoir, Mosman Park. Please see below map of work area:

Buckland Hill work map

Why is this taking place?

Buckland Hill Reservoir was originally built in 1924 and like any infrastructure of this age, it is showing signs of wear and tear. The proposed upgrades will minimise the risk of leaks and ensure that we can continue to safely provide a reliable water supply to the community.

How will this impact the community?

This will be a minor construction site and we expect there to be minimal disruptions to the local community while work is in progress.

For safety purposes, access to the footpaths leading up to and around the reservoir will be restricted while work is in progress.

We are committed to protecting the environment and we endeavour to plan our work to minimise the impact to protected flora and fauna species in the area. Some trees near the reservoir required removal to secure access for future maintenance and inspections. The impacted areas will be reinstated with mulch and erosion protection.We are working with our environmental team and the Town of Mosman Park to ensure we reduce this impact and investigating the options to plant trees in a more appropriate area. 


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