Project goal:

Construct a new wastewater pipeline in Clarkson and Neerabup to extend the wastewater network in the northern corridor of metropolitan Perth.


In progress

Delivery Date:

Construction commenced: February 2022
Expected completion: early-mid 2023


Latest updates

Micro tunnelling in the roundabout

Bakton, our drilling machine, has completed its first leg from the TAFE carpark to the corner of Hannaford and Harmony Avenues. It now begins the next stage from the roundabout at Homestead Drive and Hannaford Avenue, back to the corner of Hannaford and Harmony Avenues. This leg should take approximately 4 weeks. 

Bakton is our drill. Just like boats and ships, it's considered good luck to name tunnel boring machines. Find out how Bakton got its name. 

  • Reinstatement work will commence along Connolly Drive towards the end of July.
  • One work is complete at the roundabout, date to be determined, reinstatement will be done with black asphalt, as agreed with the City of Wanneroo.

Road closures and detours

The first major traffic detours are in place until late 2022. Alternate routes will be in place.

This includes:

  • Closure of the roundabout at the Hannaford Avenue and Homestead Drive intersection
  • Closure of the intersection at Hannaford Avenue and Harmony Avenue
  • Alternate traffic flows in place for the surrounding streets.

A traffic management plan is in place and resident's access will be maintained during this time. For more information about the traffic detours visit our engagement hub

What's happening?

To cater for growth and the disposal of wastewater flows in the northern corridor of metropolitan Perth, we are undertaking the following work in Clarkson and Neerabup:

  • Installation of 2kms of new wastewater pipeline, 2.2 metres in diameter
  • Installation of eight shafts and access chambers 

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Where is this work happening?

This work is taking place at the intersection of Connolly Drive and Walyunga Boulevard, through the Clarkson TAFE car park, towards Harmony Avenue, south along Hannaford Avenue, across Homestead Park, east along La Mirada Avenue, under the Mitchell Freeway and east along Hall Road in Neerabup.

Map of Clarkson with pipeline route - including shafts and access chambers

Once complete, the pipeline will play a vital role in transferring wastewater flows from multiple wastewater pump stations to the Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Plant.

How will this impact me?


Along Connolly Drive, construction work is being done by an open trench method. However, due to the size and depth of the pipeline, for all other roads, we are using a micro tunnelling drill head to install the pipe. The drill head is able to simultaneously dig and remove the soil, while installing the pipe. This construction method means that noise impacts will be reduced, however work at the shafts will be required. At these shafts, work involves road cutting, excavating, installation of a support system and compacting. 

A generator is in use to operate Bakton at the roundabout. You will also notice a raised, yellow structure, this is a separation plant and is located near the Rob Carr site office on Homestead Drive. This is used for the material Bakton removes from the ground. As a result, there will be some increased noise, but we will monitor this to ensure it stays within approved levels. This work will be from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday.


There are road closures and traffic detours in place for lengthy periods of time. Rob Carr has a traffic management plan in place. We are working closely with residents and endeavour to maintain full access to properties. For more information on road closures, please visit our project's engagement page for all the latest updates.


Neerabup National Park near Hall Road will be minimally impacted during this work. Some trees on the eastern side of Connolly Drive and within Homestead Park may need to be removed to install the new wastewater pipeline. We will work with the City of Wanneroo to replace the trees after construction work is complete.

Some bush clearing along Hall Road will be required to install the new wastewater pipeline. A rehabilitation plan has been agreed with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions to rehabilitate and maintain the area after construction work is complete.

Who can I contact?

For more information, please contact Community Engagement Senior Advisor, Amy Wright at or on (08) 9420 2130 during office hours. 

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