Project goal:

Improving drainage infrastructure in Safety Bay.


Soon to be in construction

Delivery Date:

Early 2021

What's happening?

We are undertaking a project to upgrade the drainage pump station and basin on Forrester Road in Safety Bay. This project will be carried out in two stages.

Drainage pump station upgrade

We will be undertaking work to upgrade the mechanical and electrical infrastructure as well as replacing the pumps to improve the operability of the pump station. This will reduce the noise emitted  from the ageing pumps and allow us to safely operate the pump station. This work will be carried out in late January 2021, as it is safer to carry out the upgrade during the drier months.

The long neck tortoises that currently inhabit the basin are being relocated to Hawker Street Reserve prior to work commencing.

Drainage basin upgrade (complete)

Work is now complete on the drainage basin portion of the project. This work will improve the capacity of the basin and help reduce odour caused by a build-up of nutrients.

As a result of feedback received from the community we engaged additional fauna specialists to be onsite during the removal of the ‘island’. These specialists undertook additional reviews of the various species in the area and implemented thorough management plans to ensure impacts were minimised as much as possible.

Revegetation works around the banks of the basin have been undertaken. A limestone pad has been left in place at the site for stage two of the project.

Where is this happening?

The pump station and basin are located off Forrester Road in Safety Bay.

Map of forrester road  

When is this taking place?

Work to upgrade the pump station will start in late January 2021 and should be completed by May 2021.

Who can I contact?

For more information please contact Amy Wright, Senior Community Engagement Advisor on
(08) 9420 2130 or during office hours. 

What does this upgrade mean for me?

The upgrade will improve the operability of the pump station. This will reduce the noise omitted from the ageing pumps and allow us to safely operate the pump station.

Why is there a pump onsite running 24 hours a day?

A construction pump will be used to remove water from the work area, so that work can be undertaken safely. To minimise the volume of water that needs to be removed and to reduce the risk to workers, the upgrade is being done when the groundwater table is at its lowest. This water is pumped and transferred to the drainage basin, wastewater system, with any excess discharged to the ocean.

What happened to the tortoises in the drainage basin?

The long neck tortoises that inhabit the basin have been relocated to neighbouring drainage basins prior to work commencing.

Why does water from this site go to the ocean?

The drainage system already discharges to the ocean. So that work can be undertaken safely, water needs to be pumped out and taken away. Some of this water may need to be sent to the ocean, via the existing drainage outlet pipe.

Where does the water go that is released to the ocean?

The Forrester Road drainage basin has an ocean outlet pipe at The Pond, Safety Bay. Groundwater being transferred for this work may have a reddish colour due to the nutrients or minerals present, such as iron.

What is Water Corporation’s role in drainage?

Our role is to manage drains to store and transfer stormwater to prevent flooding and damage to water infrastructure. The management of drainage catchment systems is a shared responsibility and we all have a role to play. Communities can help improve water quality by ensuring they do not use excessive fertiliser on gardens and ensuring rubbish is placed in bins, particularly at public parks, to keep our drains and waterways free of litter.

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