Project goal:

We are upgrading the water tanks located off Durlacher Street, Mount Tarcoola, to improve reliability of water supply to Geraldton customers.


In construction

Delivery Date:

December 2020

What’s happening?

We are upgrading the water tanks located off Durlacher Street,Mount Tarcoola, in Geraldton. This work involves installing new pipework, valves and remote monitoring equipment.

Where is this happening?

The work is located at the existing tank site off Durlacher Street.

Geraldton Rangeway tanks upgrade work map

Why is this taking place?

These upgrades will improve the reliability of water supply to customers living in Geraldton. It will help reduce unplanned water outages.

When is this taking place?

Work is underway and is expected to be completed in December 2020.

The majority of work will be completed Monday to Saturday between 7am and 7pm.

How will this impact the community?

Construction disruption

Local residents and businesses may notice some noise, dust and activity at the construction sites. Construction will involve cutting, welding and excavating buried pipework. Residents may also notice increased traffic in nearby streets.

Water Corporation appreciates this essential work will cause inconvenience to some customers in Geraldton and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Urgent issues on-site

For any urgent issues on-site, please contact our 24 Hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

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Felicity Wood, Community Engagement Advisor

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