Project goal:

Securing the water supply to Kirup, Mullalyup and Balingup by connecting these towns to the Warren Blackwood Regional Water Supply Scheme


In construction

Delivery Date:

January 2021 - Mid 2021

What's happening? 

In order to secure the water supply to Kirup, Mullalyup and Balingup, Water Corporation will be laying approximately 17km of pipe between Mullalyup and North Greenbushes.

We will also be installing new assets at our sites in Mullalyup, Balingup and Kirup, and decommissioning existing assets along the route.

Where is this happening?

Construction will occur from the North Greenbushes summit tank site to Mullalyup. 

We are using existing access tracks and fire breaks that have already been cleared, to minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible.

Image showing path from North Greenbushes to Kirup

Why is this taking place?

This project will connect these towns to an integrated water supply scheme and provide reliable and high quality water to residents in these areas.

This project will see an end to the water carting arrangements currently in place for Kirup and Mullalyup.

When is this taking place?

Work on the pipeline has commenced. Valmec, our appointed contractor, will be on-site from now until mid-year. 

More information will be provided to customers in the area as work progresses.

Updates will be available on this webpage.

How will this impact the community?

 Construction disruption

Local residents and businesses along the pipeline route may notice some noise, dust and activity at the construction sites. Residents may also notice increased traffic in nearby streets.

There may be traffic management in place near our sites in Balingup, however residents and the community will be notified ahead of time.

Temporary Water Disruption

As part of the work, there may be temporary water supply disruptions to allow for the construction work to progress. Affected residents will be notified at least 48 hours before any disruption to supply.

We thank local residents for their patience and cooperation while this necessary work is carried out.



Project progress - February update 

Our approved contractor Valmec have started work on the new Greenbushes to Kirup pipeline. Work is expected to last approximately 6 months.

Updates will be provide on the construction progress here.

Construction within Balingup

As part of the pipeline installation we will be constructing along South Western Highway in Balingup.

We have planned this work to minimise impacts to residents and businesses in town. We have committed to not work during school or public holidays or during local festivals. We will continue to work closely with the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup to ensure satisfactory outcomes around this construction.

We are currently expecting work in town to commence at the end of February or March. We are currently working to improve our designs and thus minimise the construction time through the town. Once completed, we will be able to provide exact dates for construction.

The map below shows the exact location of the construction that will take place.
Work along South Western Highway will be within the car bays allowing for continued car and pedestrian access. We have committed to reinstate the area to the same (or better) condition.

As work progresses, we will reinstate to allow car bays to reopen and minimise the disruption to the area.

Map showing location of the pipeline along South Western Highway in Balingup

Greenbushes Loop and Bibbulmun Track 

To minimise construction impacts on the local environment, we have designed the pipeline to be within a number of tracks, firebreaks and road reserves. These areas are already cleared of trees and ensure ongoing access for operational requirements.

Part of the work we are completing will be within the Greenbushes Loop trail and along the Bibbulmun Track.

During this time, alternative pathways will be provided to ensure there is no disruptions to hikers. Please follow the signs or speak to a member of our crew.

Please maintain an appropriate distance away from any machinery or construction for your safety.

The map below shows where we will be impacting the Greenbushes Loop.

Visitors are encouraged to check the TrailsWA Webpage prior to starting.

Map showing the closure location on the Greenbushes Loop trail. There is a detour that can be used along the route to allow walkers to continue

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