Project goal:

Ensuring the reservoir’s storage ability is maintained and further improving the reliability of supply to local residents.


In construction

Delivery Date:

Late April - Early 2020

What's happening?

We are undertaking work to reinforce the supporting sides of the Kununurra Diversion dam.

On the Wyndham side of the dam, we will be excavating the area downstream of the embankment and installing sand, gravel and rock. This work will improve drainage at this site and provide additional stability to the dam embankment.

On the Kununurra side of the dam, vertical columns of compacted stone material will be constructed to provide further stability to this area. Using these columns will also reduce the environmental impact of the project.

Where is this happening?

This work will occur on the downstream embankments of the dam, which is located near Victoria Highway, Kununurra. Please refer to the map for further details.

Kununurra Diversion Dam maintenance

Why is this work taking place?

To strengthen the structures supporting each side of the Kununurra Diversion Dam and ultimately ensure reliability of water supply to farmers in the Ord Irrigation Area.

When is this happening?

Late April until early 2020.

How will this impact the community?

A significant quantity of material will be delivered to the dam embankments to complete this work and there will be construction vehicles regularly entering and exiting these areas for the duration of the work.

We advise that the community keep away from these areas for their own safety.

At the completion of the work, there will be a new viewing area constructed on the Wyndham side of the dam. This will allow the public to park safely and view the iconic Kununurra Diversion Dam. We will keep the community updated on this work.

Please slow down as required when approaching oncoming traffic.

Who can I contact?

For more on the project, please email David Pickering, Project Manager, Water Corporation on or call 0413 887 131.

For all community related enquiries, please contact Lara Fox, Advisor – Community Engagement on or call (08) 9420 2985.

For after hours assistance please contact our 24 hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.