Project goal:

Boosting Perth’s water supply through expanding our groundwater network.


In construction

Delivery Date:


What's happening?

We are recharging Perth’s deep aquifers with recycled water as part of our Groundwater Replenishment Scheme.

Under the scheme, we can replenish and abstract the volume we are recharging on up to a one-to-one basis. In order to abstract the additional ground water supply and boost water supply to Perth, we are expanding the Neerabup Groundwater Scheme.

This involves:

  • expanding the Neerabup Groundwater Treatment Plant to boost its capacity from 100 million litres a day to 150 million litres a day;
  • drilling four new bores in Beldon, Heathridge and Neerabup;
  • connecting these bores to the plant via new pipelines in Joondalup, Currambine and Neerabup;
  • installing new pumps and electrical equipment at the Neerabup Pump Station (in Joondalup);
  • making minor upgrades to pipes and valves at the Neerabup Reservoir.

Work to expand the scheme started in 2018 with the drilling of new deep groundwater bores and the construction of pipelines.

In October 2019 we started upgrading the groundwater treatment plant and its supporting pump station and reservoir.

Where is this happening?

The Neerabup Groundwater Treatment Plant is located in Tamala Park, Neerabup. New bores are being built in Beldon, Heathridge and Neerabup, which will be connected to the plant via pipelines being built in Joondalup, Currambine and Neerabup.

Why is this work taking place

We are boosting Perth’s water supply through extracting additional groundwater from the replenished deep aquifers and treating it at the expanding groundwater treatment plant in Neerabup.

When is this happening?

Work to drill the bores and install the pipelines started in 2018 and is complete.

We began the upgrade of the groundwater treatment plant in October 2019 and this is expected to be complete around mid-2022.

How will this impact the community?

Residents living near the bore sites or along the pipeline routes may notice construction activity and will be advised prior to work starting.