Project goal:

To construct a new water pipeline in Orelia to improve the reliability of water supply within the Medina High Level Distribution Zone


In Planning

Delivery Date:

Mid 2021

What is happening?

 We are planning to secure the water supply in Orelia and the wider City of Kwinana. 

The work will include:

  • Installation of a surge vessel tank
  • Construction of approximately 500 meters of underground water pipeline 

Where is this happening?

The proposed underground pipeline will be built along Portchester Avenue, Stokesay Street and connecting to a pipeline along Clarinda Avenue. While the new surge vessel tank will be built at our site near Portchester Avenue.

Please view the Orelia project map for the full scope of work.

Why is this happening?

This work will ensure that we can reliably supply water to the growing community in Orelia and the wider City of Kwinana.

When is this taking place?

We are currently in the planning phase of this project and will soon begin seeking the required approvals to progress to the next phase. Subject to these approvals, we anticipates construction to start in mid 2021 and take three months to complete. 

How will this impact the community?

As with any construction activities residents may notice an increase in activity, truck movements and noise along the proposed pipeline. The pipeline will be installed below ground, via open trench excavation. This will involve road cutting, excavating and compacting.

We are committed to minimising the impact on the community and the environment as much as possible during construction. As such, the proposed pipeline will be constructed in stages.

Please be assured that any affected areas will be restored to as close as possible to their condition before the work. We are working with our environmental team and the City of Kwinana to restore the vegetation impacted by our work.


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