Project goal:

Renew 2.1 kms of ageing water mains in Fremantle to help secure the reliability of water to customers in Fremantle and the surrounding areas for decades to come.

Delivery Date:

July 2020 to November 2020  - Installation of new water pipes

February 2021 to March 2021 - Final road reinstatement of High Street


Current project stage:

We have now commenced stage two of the work to replace century-old water mains in the heart of Fremantle to ensure safe and reliable water supply in the area. 

The work will be carried out in short stages to ensure each individual street will only be impacted for a maximum of six weeks.

To stay up to date and find out more about project schedules, traffic management, customer impact and how you can shop local to win prizes, please visit our engagement hub, where we have dedicated information updated regularly.

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What are we doing?

In 2019 we renewed around 1 km of water mains in Fremantle and in 2020 we plan to renew 2.1 kms of water mains.

Why is this work taking place?

This work is essential in order to avoid future bursts and leaks and future-proof Fremantle’s and surrounding suburbs water supply for decades to come.

Where is this happening?

Pipes for Fremantle 2020 scope:

  • High Street, between Market Street and the Roundhouse
  • Essex Lane, between Collie Street and Essex Street
  • Essex Street, between Marine Terrace and South Terrace
  • Leake Street, between Pakenham Street and Market Street
  • Cantonment Street, between Market Street and Queen Street
  • Marine Terrace, between Cliff Street and Suffolk Street
  • Nairn Street, between Pakenham Street and Market Street
  • Norfolk Street, between Marine Terrace and South Terrace  

Other works in Fremantle

We have begun work to renew the storm water drainage network in Fremantle, including within Public Transport Authority premises and Fremantle Port Authority premises.

In the coming months we will begin work to renew the drainage networks along Phillimore Street and Cliff Street in Fremantle. Visit our project page for more information.

Pop up information centre

The pop up shop is currently closed but set to reopen at a later date. We will inform customers of when the pop up shop will be available.

For further information please visit our Pipes for Fremantle engagement hub.


Before the work

Visit our engagement hub to find out more about this project. You can also have your say and provide feedback, which will helps us to support you better.

If you're a business you can:

  • Join our working group meetings to share ideas on how we can support the local community.
  • Close any doors and windows to prevent dust coming in when work starts.
  • Let the community know you're still open for business through social media or create signage.
  • Take advantage of our care package and the Water Perks activation specifically created to support local businesses during this time.

If you're a resident we suggest you:

  • Close any doors and windows to prevent dust getting in your home when work starts.
  • Keep your pets inside if they get startled by noise and vibrations.
  • Sign up to our projects updates to stay in the loop.

There's a number of ways:

  • Visit our engagement hub for specific information about the project. You can also have your say and provide feedback, which will help us to support you better.
  • Sign up to receive email updates.
  • Book an appointment to speak to one of the project team members in our pop up information centre at 66 High Street. 
  • Contact us on 9420 2985 or email us with any general enquiries.

We’re committed to providing support where possible:

  • We have revised the pipe renewal work schedule during COVID restrictions so the biggest areas of retail and businesses were carried out first. 
  • We have committed to not work over the summer season (December 2020 - February 2021) to ensure our work doesn’t impact on the busy summer trading period.
  • We're helping to promote businesses through the Fremantle Water Perks loyalty card competition. The competition is a great way for businesses to reward loyal customers, attract new customers and to let the community know you are still operating as usual.
  • We're providing businesses with a care package full of information on parking discounts, competitions, activation initiatives and marketing materials.
  • We provide a number of financial support programs. Visit our loss of business FAQs for more. 

We’re also working closely with businesses and the City of Fremantle on various initiatives to encourage people to still visit Fremantle. This includes:

  • Supporting the City of Fremantle’s July and September school holiday programs.
  • Helping promote the ‘High Vis on High Street’ social media campaign. 

Pipe replacement work means we need to dig open the ground to access pipes, valves and taps. Unfortunately it’s something we can’t avoid.

We’ll let you know beforehand if we need to dig up the road or verge at the front of your property. 

We’re also committed to returning areas impacted by our work to as close to their original condition as possible.


During the work

Work will take place Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays if required between 7am and 7pm in most cases. Additional work at night may need to occur to minimise the impact on traffic and businesses in the area.

If night work is required, we’ll let you know in advance. Less noisy work will be carried out where possible to minimise any disruption..

If we need to turn your water supply off, we’ll let you know at least 48 hours in advance. Where possible, we’ll plan to do any work that may impact your water supply overnight to minimise disruption.

We have noise management plans in place to keep noise to a minimum where possible. You can expect some noise during the construction, such as when we’re required to cut open the road to access and lay pipes, taps and valves.

The work shouldn’t result in discoloured water. Sometimes, you may notice discoloured water in the days after the new mains is switched on. This is dependent on water flow directions and the water management of each pipe and connection.

We’ll let you know at least 48 hours in advance if we expect any discolouration.

Visit our discoloured water help page to find out what to do if your water is discoloured.


After the work

We’ll send you an ‘end of work notification’ once the work has finished.

To help improve our services, we’ll also ask you to provide feedback via a quick survey.

No. There will be no changes to your water pressure or how your water looks.

We’re committed to returning areas affected by our work to as close to their original condition as possible.
If the road, footpath, front verge or driveway in front of your property was dug up, we’ll work closely with you and the City of Fremantle to get this fixed.

If you’re worried about how long it’s taking for the area to be restored, please email us and we’ll be in touch soon.

Contact us

General and community enquiries
Pipes for Perth team
(08) 9420 3529

Specific project information
Wing Leung, Water Corporation Project Engineer
0437 787 392