Exclusive to garden bore sprinkler owners

Registrations will be available for bore owners in the Perth and Peel regions from 1 September, 2022. This offer is exclusive to garden bore sprinkler owners to help prepare your garden for the new two-day watering roster.

We’re offering a free garden consultation to garden bore owners in the Perth and Peel regions. The 30-45 minute consultation is suitable for established or new gardens.

The volume of water your garden needs to survive Perth’s hot summers depends on its design. Keeping plants healthy in our sandy soils and summer heat can be difficult. But making changes to your garden’s design or choice of plants can reduce the water your garden needs.

What’s included in the garden consultation? 

A landscaper/garden designer will visit your property to conduct a review of your:

  • Plants to determine current watering requirements and advice on alternate options or changes
  • Soils to check condition and advise appropriate treatment such as conditioning agents
  • Garden design to determine if layout should be changed
  • Hydrozoning (grouping plants according to water requirements)
  • Other landscaping solutions or ongoing gardening services that may help the garden thrive

At the end of the consultation, the designer will provide you with a document as a record of the recommendations. Use this as a reference when you’re purchasing your plants or soil supplies. There is no obligation to use the services of the landscaper to undertake any of the recommended work.

Applications opening soon

Registrations open 1 September, 2022 to assist bore owners to adapt to a new two-day watering roster. Terms and conditions apply.