By participating in the Waterwise Program our offices have saved bucket loads of water! Through improved water management reporting, staff engagement and water efficiency practices, offices have been able to identify major hidden leaks and water-saving potential within their buildings. Of the 16 office’s participating in the program, 5 were recognised for their stand out water-saving commitment in 2020 as Gold Waterwise Offices.

Albert Facey House

Albert Facey House sought to better understand water use at the site by upgrading water treatment dosing equipment to a system that includes online monitoring. Through tracking their water use, the team were able to identify a major leak and subsequent damage in their cooling tower. Repairs were undertaken to reseal the base of the tower to prevent leaks and water loss. These repairs enabled the team to make significant water savings. Albert Facey House prides themselves on their culture of innovation and collaboration with all levels of staff. Their internal staff and tenants are committed to trialling new initiatives to encourage discussion and keep water saving behaviours front of mind.

Dumas House

Dumas House has also achieved fantastic water savings through the integration of water audits into their day-to-day operations and several infrastructure upgrades. Regular water audits allowed Dumas House to identify their cooling towers were passing unnecessary water at night. The team have now repaired the leaks within the cooling towers saving both water and money. Throughout the program, Dumas House has replaced their fixtures and fittings to water efficient alternatives. They’ve also more recently upgraded their irrigation controllers to smart controllers and are now looking at connecting them to City of Perth’s smart network. This will allow them to use real time weather data to guide their irrigation run times. Soil moisture probes are also being considered as an option to further reduce their irrigation water use.

197 St Georges Terrace Perth

A key learning for building management is the value of consistent water fixture inspections. By regularly monitoring toilets, urinals, hot water systems and temper valves in the building, management easily recognise and rectify leaks. Through our program, GDI also receive water use reports, which teamed with their own regular meter reads, allows them to keep on top of water use.

GDI have implemented a fantastic policy specifying all fixtures within the building are rated 6 stars or above. Water efficient fixtures are a great way to ensure water is not being wasted during every shower or toilet flush. Water efficient showerheads can save up to 20,000 litres of water per year. GDI have also installed a sensor flush system on all urinals within the building. The sensor flush is used to prevent users from excess flushing.

John Tonkin Water Centre

Our own Water Corporation Leederville office has once again be recognised as a Gold Waterwise Office. The Facilities Management team ensure the building and surrounding gardens are waterwise.

The application of mulch to garden beds and wetting agents, along with the use of groundwater for irrigation helps to minimise use of scheme water. Inside the building, water saving showerheads are used in the end of trip facility change rooms. Bathrooms include waterwise cisterns and pans, waterless urinals, low flow taps at all hand basins, as well as adjusted water flows into the air conditioning water cooling system.

John Tonkin Water Centre – the building is fitted with waterwise fixtures.
John Tonkin Water Centre – the building is fitted with waterwise fixtures.