St. Anthony's is not sheepish about synthetic grass


Super grass - St Anthony's principal Jim Smith
supervises year three students enjoying a game on synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass might not be popular with hungry sheep, but staff and students at St Anthony's Primary School in Greenmount are full of praise for its benefits.

Clever use of synthetic grass at a number of high-use outdoor areas has significantly cut the school's water bill and maximised the availability of play areas for its students.

According to St Anthony's principal Mr Jim Smith, the school has a history of environmental care and its efforts to save water by using synthetic grass date back 12 years. Last year, St Anthony's became the Water Corporation's 54th Waterwise School after meeting a number of criteria, including the introduction of learning activities at all year levels and in all learning areas.

"St Anthony's has been aware of the need for water wisdom for many years and the use of synthetic grass has made a big difference. There are now several areas of synthetic grass around the school and they are very popular play areas with the kids,"said Mr Smith.

"In all, we have about 800 square metres of synthetic grass and it has proved especially useful for high traffic areas where we have had difficulty growing real grass. It's expensive to install synthetic grass, but the savings on water and maintenance over the years repay the investment.

"A number of other schools have heard about what we have done and they have contacted us for more information, so don't be surprised if the use of synthetic grass at other schools becomes more common in the future."

Schools across Western Australia are playing their part in educating students about water issues on an individual basis. The Water Corporation assists teachers through the provision of resources, tours and lectures.

However, the Water Corporation strongly believes that to make a significant difference, there needs to be a whole-of-school, long-term approach to water education. The Waterwise Schools Program adopts this approach and so far more than 70 schools throughout the State have been officially accredited as a Waterwise School.

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