Service agreement

We endeavour to meet the special requirements of our customers in a fair manner.

“Where the water service sought cannot meet the standard set in the Water Services Licence, the Corporation may allow a service subject to conditions, and the landowner entering into an agreement.”

There are occasions where we cannot supply a water service that meets the standards prescribed in our Water Services Licence. This may be due to either the: 

  • unavailability of suitable infrastructure
  • existing infrastructure having insufficient capacity
  • quality of available water not meeting the standards stipulated in the Water Services Licence.

In such circumstances, we may offer a service that varies from the standard requirements of our Water Services Licence. Before this can be provided, the landowner and Water Corporation must enter into an Agreement.  

Scenarios where a Service Provided by Agreement (Agreement) is necessary are:

(a) Services off a distribution or trunk main
(b) For major customers
(c) Non-standard water schemes
(d) Where the meter will not be on the property
(e) Restricted use services
(f) Water supply not meeting drinking water standards
(g) Non-standard pressure conditions
(h) Farmlands services

When we enter into an Agreement with a customer that excludes, modifies or restricts the terms and conditions of our Water Services Licence, Sections 22, 23 & 24.

The document above reports the total number and types of Agreements that Water Corporation has in place, by region.