Our energy use

Our goal is to sustainably manage our energy needs through improving energy efficiency and focusing on renewable sources.

The delivery of water and wastewater services throughout Western Australia requires a large amount of energy for pumping and treatment processes. We are looking to sustainably manage our increasing energy needs through greater focus on renewable energy and improving our energy efficiency.

As part of this, we are offsetting the electricity needs of our Southern Seawater Desalination Plant by purchasing all outputs from the Mumbida Wind Farm and Greenough River Solar Farm.

We also have a dedicated team to support the business as we promote the efficient use of energy at all our sites.

Since being implemented in 2008, our energy efficiency program has confirmed that we have well designed and maintained assets. Most of our energy efficiency improvements result from incremental changes to asset designs, maintenance and operating practices, as well as staff awareness of energy use. Ongoing monitoring and information about our energy use is key to improving our efficiency.