Our promise to you

Following is a summary of our key commitments to you and your responsibilities as a Water Corporation customer.

If you would like to read a full, detailed version of Our Promise, please download:

What you can expect as a Water Corporation customer

Our commitments – your rights

These commitments have been developed in alignment with the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2013.

We will:

  • Provide you with a water service on application
  • Install or activate the water service within 10 business days, or on an agreed day, once the Standard terms and conditions are satisfied
  • Maintain the water service up to and including the property meter outlet tail

We will:

  • Supply water that is safe for you and your family to drink.
  • Endeavour to provide you with a response, within 2 hours or at an agreed time, to any reports of poor water quality
  • Advise you of any need to make alternative arrangements for drinking water in the unlikely event that your water quality deteriorates.   
  • Make water quality sample results available on our website - read about our water quality performance

We aim to:

  • Provide you with water that is at a flow rate of at least 20 litres per minute.
  • Provide water that is within a standard pressure range (other than those areas which are exempt in our Water Services Licence).

We will:

  • Remove the wastewater from your property and treat it to a high quality, to protect public health and the environment
  • Maintain and operate the wastewater service up to the property connection point 

We aim to:

  • Investigate and advise you of the outcome of any odour complaint within 24 hours or on the following business day

We will:

Provide a drainage system that aims to minimise the effects of flooding on your property as a result of stormwater or groundwater by working with others including:

  • The Department of Water, in accordance with its drainage plans
  • Local governments by operating an integrated drainage system
  • Land planning agencies to ensure that drainage management is addressed prior to land being released for use

Customers are our highest priority and we strive to be recognised for excellence in customer service. Our Service Commitment Scheme outlines our commitment to providing service in seven key areas.

We will:

  • Issue accounts or notifications of accounts to the owner of the property or their nominated agent at the last notified postal or email address

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your account, or simply require a few more days to pay, one of our consultants will handle your enquiry in confidence, and with fairness and compassion.

For further information on how we can assist see our Financial Hardship Policy or call us on 13 13 85.

If you hold a valid Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card or a WA Seniors Card (with or without a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) you could be entitled to a rebate or concession on your account.

To find out whether you are eligible or to apply visit Rate and Charges or call 1300 659 951.

We will:

  • Review your bill at your request in accordance with the requirements of the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2013.

After conducting a review of a bill, if we are satisfied that the bill is correct, we may:

  • Request payment of any unpaid amount 
  • Conduct a meter registration test if you consider that the meter is not accurately measuring water passing through it. The test will be conducted within 10 business days of receiving your request and payment of the meter test fee, or at an agreed day and time with you
  • Provide you with information concerning the process and operation of both our internal and external complaints handling process, which includes your right to refer any complaint to the Energy and Water Service Ombudsman.

If you have been overcharged, we will:

  • Tell you if an overcharge has occurred within 15 business days of becoming aware of the overcharging
  • Provide you with the options on how to have the overcharged amount either credited to your account, or refunded to you, at your request
  • Provide the refunds of any overcharged amount within 15 business days of your lodged request.

If you have been undercharged, we will:

  • Only recover the amount undercharged for a service provided in the 12 months prior to the date of which we notify you the undercharging has occurred
  • List the amount undercharged in a special bill or as a separate item in the next bill, together with an explanation of that amount
  • Not charge a late payment fee or bill interest on any undercharged amount 
  • Offer you the opportunity to pay this amount in instalments, interest free, over the same period of time during which you were undercharged.

If overdue accounts remain unpaid, the restriction of your water supply may occur.

We will use our best endeavours to inform you in person, by telephone or electronic means of our intention to restrict your water supply.

Restriction of the water supply will not occur unless:

  • At least 30 days has lapsed since the due date of the original account
  • You have been given at least 2 working days’ notice of our intention to restrict the water supply.  

We may restrict your water supply if you do not comply with a payment plan or other arrangement you have set up to pay your charges, including arrears.

If we restrict supply of water to you, we will provide a flow sufficient for health and hygiene purposes.

We will restore the water supply following either:

  • Payment of amounts owed including the restoration fee
  • Agreement to a suitable instalment plan to pay these amounts.

Where restriction of your water supply is not possible, or your overdue accounts remain unpaid after your water has been restricted, we can take legal action through the courts to recover any outstanding charges.

We may offer a reduction in charges if you have had undetectable leaks repaired by a licensed plumber. In the event of a leak in your irrigation system, the system must be brought up to standard (including a manual isolation valve and master solenoid). A leak allowance would be considered only after you have had your plumbing/irrigation repairs completed to the required plumbing/industry standards and with all leaks repaired.

For further information on our eligibility criteria see our Leak Allowance Policy.

To apply for a special allowance please call on 13 13 85 or download the leak allowance application form.

We will:

  • Attempt to notify you if we suspect your internal service is leaking
  • Endeavour to assess any application for a leak allowance within 15 business days based on the evidence provided by the licensed plumber
  • Decline any leak allowance application that does not meet the eligibility criteria and advise the reasons.

We aim to:

  • Provide you with 24 hours notice if we need to interrupt your water supply for planned work

We aim to:

  • Provide a response within two hours to undertake repairs and clean-up if there is water flooding or wastewater overflow on your property due to our system failure.
  • Keep you informed during an emergency on the status of the work.
  • Respond to urgent water faults within two hours or at an agreed time.

We may need to interrupt, suspend or restrict our services due to accidents, emergencies or health or safety risks or other unavoidable causes.

Employees or contractors of the Water Corporation may need to enter your property to carry out inspections, routine maintenance and repair work on our system. This will be done during regular business hours except in an emergency.

We aim to:

  • Give you advance notice of all planned work that may require entry to your property (except meter reading and maintenance).
  • Inform the occupier of the land or premises of work being undertaken.

During an emergency, where the occupier is not present we will leave an information card.

Should we need to enter your property, our employees or contractors will carry identification that will be shown to you (or to any person present at the time of access) if necessary.

We will:

  • Assist in the reinstatement or replacement of property or equipment lost or damaged as a result of our actions or failure of our systems
  • Reinstate your property as close as possible to its original condition

Exclusions - the above may not apply:

  • Where the work carried out is the result of the property owner or another party causing an obstruction or damage to our services
  • If reinstatement means that clearance or Occupational Health and Safety requirements will be breached.

We aim to:

  • Respond to any general written enquiries within 10 business days.
  • Provide a detailed response within 15 business days to enquiries needing further investigation
  • Respond to email enquiries within five business days.
  • Answer 70% of calls to our general enquiries numbers within 30 seconds.

If you would like to lodge a complaint we encourage you to contact us directly in the first instance to enable a quick and effective resolution free of charge. Your complaint will be investigated objectively, equitably and in an unbiased manner. Alternatively you can lodge your complaint with the Energy and Water Service Ombudsman.

We will:

  • Investigate and resolve all complaints about our products or services within 15 business days of you contacting us. 

If you are not satisfied that the outcome is fair and reasonable, you can:

The Energy and Water Ombudsman can be also be contacted on energyandwater@ombudsman.wa.gov.au or (08) 9220 7588.

Sometimes disagreements arise between Water Corporation and members of the community over matters such as land value, compensation for property damage or insurance claims.

If a disagreement cannot be resolved through our standard complaints management processes, it can then go through a confidential and voluntary mediation process.

Voluntary mediation is a process in which the parties to a dispute, with the help of a mediator, will: 

  • identify the disputed issues
  • develop options
  • consider alternatives
  • endeavour to reach an agreement. 

The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication, promote understanding, focus the parties on their interests and seek solutions to problems that enable parties to reach their own agreements. Mediation is an effective and efficient way to resolve disputes outside the formal legal process.

Mediation is not suitable for disputes which:

  • are more appropriately dealt with by the Energy and Water Ombudsman 
  • relate to commercial contracts (these should be dealt with through the dispute resolution procedure outlined in the relevant contract). 

To find out more about the process, costs and how to proceed, please read our mediation brochure.

Mediation: an effective way to work together

Your responsibilities & how you can help us

You should:

  • Be aware that certain appliances may be unsuitable or not perform efficiently with some types of water. When purchasing a water using appliance, such as a dishwasher or hot water system, you should check with your retailer that it is suitable for the water quality in your area
  • Ensure all internal plumbing is maintained in good order and in compliance with plumbing standards.
  • Contact us if you have any concerns or enquiries regarding water quality on 13 13 75
  • Contact us on 13 13 75, if you notice a significant change in your water flow or pressure

You should:

  • Avoid flushing foreign objects other than toilet paper into the wastewater system through toilets, sinks, baths and showers as they block the wastewater system
  • Keep overflow relief gullies free of obstruction. Overflow relief gullies are located on the property plumbing, external to the house/building and prevent internal flooding in the event of a blockage.
  • Maintain safe access to the property inspection shaft. The property inspection shaft is located where the internal plumbing connects to our sewer
  • Keep access chambers (wastewater manholes) that may be located on your property, free of obstruction and safe to access

Avoid planting inappropriate trees near your wastewater pipes, as they can cause root intrusion, breakage and blockages. For information on finding the right tree to plant please call us on 13 13 95.

You should:

  • Contact us if you have an odour complaint on 13 13 75. We take all complaints about odours from our Wastewater Treatment Plants seriously and will act promptly to overcome the problem

There are some simple ways you can help to improve the quality of drain water and drainage system operation.

You should:

  • Keep rubbish (e.g. litter, paint thinner, motor oil, car cleaning products, and pool chemicals) out of stormwater drains
  • Use less fertiliser and/or low-phosphorous fertiliser on gardens and lawns

Gather up leaves, twigs and clippings for composting before they end   up in stormwater drains and also potentially block the drain.

You should:

  • Notify us of a change of postal or email address, or ownership, or any change to your land use.
  • Contact us on 13 13 85 immediately if you are unable to pay your account by the due date.

If you are receiving a water use concession or service charges rebate, you should:

  • Notify us of any change in circumstances which may impact your eligibility

Pay your account by the due date to retain the service charges rebate. Non-payment will result in the rebate being reversed and the full amount being placed into deferral – if you are eligible to defer.

You should:

  • Ensure repair of leaks on a water supply is undertaken by a plumber who is licensed with the Plumbers Licensing Board
  • Lodge a Leak Allowance Application within 14 days of the repairs being completed  

For further information on our eligibility criteria see our Leak Allowance Policy. To apply for a special allowance, please call on 13 13 85 or download the Leak Allowance application form.

You should:

  • Provide a clear space of at least 30 cm around, 10-15 cm below and 120 cm above your water meter – see diagram

Display a sign if you have a dog and keep the dog secured away from the meter area.