Service commitments

Customers are our highest priority and we strive to be recognised for excellence in customer service. Therefore we make a commitment in the following seven key areas of service.

Registration accuracy

If you believe your meter is not registering correctly, we provide customers with a meter testing service, for a prepaid fee.

Our commitment:

We will conduct a meter registration test for the prescribed fee within 10 business days of receiving your request and payment, or at a mutually agreed day or time.

Where the meter is found to be operating outside prescribed tolerances (fast or slow) we will:

  • Refund your prepaid fee or credit it to your water use account
  • Adjust your water use account
  • Replace the meter at our cost

Stained and/or soiled laundry

We strive to provide water of a consistent aesthetic appearance, although we recognise that in some instances noticeable variations may occur, without risk to your health.

Our commitment:

Where, as a consequence of our systems or actions, you have suffered stained and/or soiled laundry;

  • We will assist in the reinstatement or replacement of any items of laundry affected
  • If these items of laundry are irretrievably damaged and replacement is not viable, we will negotiate an appropriate settlement on a case by case basis

We will provide, at the outlet of your meter, water at a flow rate of 20 litres per minute and pressure within a standard range. There will be occasions where this is not entirely possible or where variations are unavoidable. 

Our commitment:

If you are experiencing poor (low or excessive) pressure or flow, we will be on site within 2 business days of you advising us, or at an agreed time.

  • We will conduct a water pressure or flow test free of charge and take steps necessary to rectify the problem
  • If as a result of our systems or actions you have subsequently suffered loss or damage to property or equipment, we will assist in the reinstatement or replacement of that loss or damage incurred
  • If the property or equipment is irretrievably damaged and replacement is not viable, we will negotiate an appropriate settlement on a case-by-case basis

Standard property connections

Once the Conditions of Connection (including fees and charges) are satisfied, we will install or activate the water service within 10 business days, or on an agreed day.  

Our commitment:

If as a direct result of delays caused by us you have incurred undue expense:

  • We will negotiate an appropriate settlement on a case by case basis

We aim to minimise the occurrence and impact to customers' properties from water flooding resulting from bursts or leaks in our mains, or from wastewater overflows from our systems, or from any activities performed by us.

Our commitment:

If flooding from our water mains or a wastewater overflow occurs, we will attend promptly and reinstate the service, minimising discharge and damage.

  • We will repair, replace or "make good" any disruption, damage or loss to property, to a standard as close as possible to the original condition
  • In the event you have incurred undue expense or such property is irretrievably damaged and replacement is not viable, we will negotiate an appropriate settlement on a case by case basis
  • If we are unable to agree on the "make good" provisions, we shall at our own expense, arrange an independent professional assessor to assist and determine reasonable reinstatement compensation

Planned and/or unplanned maintenance

We make every effort to minimise interruption to your water supply,  but on occasions we need to carry out planned or unplanned (e.g. broken pipes) maintenance on our services. 

When this occurs we strive to limit the interruption to no more than one hour.

Our commitment:

  • If your standard supply of "drinking" water is interrupted for more than 6 hours of our becoming aware, we will arrange an alternate temporary supply of "essential" drinking water upon request.
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