The world's water reserves don't change – how's there a shortage?

Our climate is changing. Some places get more rain, but we’re getting less in WA.

Why don't you just make the dams bigger?

Even if we did make the dams bigger, we'd still only get the same amount of rainfall.

Why don't you talk to businesses? They use the most water!

Actually, households use around 70% of the water we supply to Perth. This means households have the greatest potential to make a difference when it comes to saving water.

If there's no rain, how is there water in the dams?

The water in our dams is no longer just made up of water from rainfall.

I paid for my bore, why can't I use it all the time?

Bore water is a precious resource we share with neighbours, local parks and ovals, market gardens and schools.


Why can councils use as much water as they want?

They can't. Most councils manage a fixed amount of bore water very carefully. And, they do a lot with it.