Infrastructure contributions

Find out about the infrastructure contributions that may apply to your building development

Standard infrastructure contributions are typically payable by anyone increasing the potential demand on our existing water and wastewater infrastructure. Circumstances that create demand include:

  • additional dwellings other than the first dwelling on a serviced lot
  • the increase of the water supply peak flow rate
  • the increase in the wastewater discharged to the sewer.

Standard infrastructure contributions 

Payment period Water supply  Wastewater Drainage 
01 July 2019 to
30 June 2020
$2,469 $3,110   $130

If you are building in Coral Bay or Denham, special developer infrastructure contributions may apply.

Water supply and wastewater infrastructure contributions

Water supply and wastewater infrastructure contributions are based on meter size and flow rate for building developments or service applications of all land use types. The factors in our Meter based contribution table are used to calculate the required contributions at building or redevelopment stage. Developers must advise us of the required nominal flow rate of water, in litres per minute, to service their development.

Developments of 2 dwellings must have individual water service connections.

Multi-residential developments of 3 dwellings and greater can be serviced with water in either of the following ways:

  • by providing water service connections individually to each dwelling
  • by providing a common water service connection shared by a number of dwellings.

Non-residential developments can be provided with multiple water service connections if agreed by Water Corporation.

The way in which the water service connections are applied will influence the level of water and wastewater contributions required. That is, lots served individually will normally pay higher water and wastewater contributions than lots served by common services. 

The number of connections to sewer does not influence the wastewater contribution requirement. You can check the allowed number of connections to a sewer junction from a strata development by contacting us on 13 13 95.

Builders or developers of either multi-residential, mixed use or non residential developments have the option to request that we install individual meters or a master/sub-meter arrangement to service their development.

Outlined is an explanation of how infrastructure contributions are calculated where a development is served by either means.

Formula to calculate infrastructure contributions:

Single Residential Equivalent (SRE) x Standard Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) = Infrastructure Contribution (IC)

Example 1: 6 units with individual 20mm standard water service connections to Water Corporation main

6 Water and Wastewater SRE's apply, however 1 SRE credit is deducted (*Credit is applied based upon the infrastructure contributions previously paid on the land)

Water:  6 SRE – 1 SRE credit* = 5 SRE 
Wastewater:  6 SRE – 1 SRE credit* = 5 SRE 

Infrastructure contributions

Water: 5 SRE x Water SIC Refer to our standard infrastructure contributions for water and wastewater
Wastewater: 5 SRE x Wastewater SIC 

Example 2: 6 units with one 40mm water service @ 80 litres per minute master meter installed

4 Water SRE's and 6 Wastewater SRE's apply, however 1 SRE credit is deducted (*Credit is applied based upon the infrastructure contributions previously paid on the land)

Water: 4 SRE – 1 SRE credit* = 3 SRE
Wastewater: 6 SRE – 1 SRE credit* = 5 SRE

Infrastructure contributions

Water: 3 SRE x Water SIC Refer to our standard infrastructure contributions for water and wastewater
Wastewater: 5 SRE x Wastewater SIC

Payment of infrastructure contributions is the landowner’s responsibility. We will only commit to meeting your water and wastewater needs once you have paid the relevant contributions.

How to apply for a quote

You can either submit a 'Quote request' for your proposed building development via BuilderNet or fill in our Building fees estimate request form and forward it to:

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