Land planning

Find out about existing and planned water and wastewater service capacity and location to plan for expanding communities.

We work with planning authorities including over 140 local governments to assess the feasibility of providing water and wastewater services to planned urban areas, to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers, now and in the future.

We aim to:

  • engage with planners early on in the development process so that we can provide timely advice on planning and land development proposals
  • work together to protect existing infrastructure and plan for future assets
  • be a valued partner in urban and land use planning to create more liveable, climate resilient and sustainable communities
  • facilitate the timely provision of fit-for-purpose water services in support of land development.

Water sensitive cities and towns

We support the principles of water sensitive urban design and the planning and development of water sensitive cities.

Water sensitive cities are urban environments that are resilient, liveable, productive and sustainable.

We work with planning agencies, government departments and organisations such as the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities to ensure that planners and decision makers are informed by the best available research and best practices.

Planning and designing water sensitive cities and towns is becoming more important as our climate dries and the population grows.

The land use planning system provides the opportunity to create more water sensitive cities through actions such as:

  • increasing urban densities
  • identifying opportunities for using alternative water such as recreation grounds, urban forests, industrial and commercial uses
  • securing strategic resource areas around waste water treatment plants and encouraging beneficial land uses
  • implementing water sensitive urban design.