Relocate a water meter

Find out here about relocating your water meter and how to apply.

Relocating a water meter

The following meter relocation options are available:

  • You can move your meter less than 500mm to the left or right of its current location. For a 20mm service, the cost is $456.27.
  • You can move your meter more than 500mm to the left or right of its current location (when moving your meter more than 500mm, we need to disconnect and seal the existing connection point and install a brand new service line from the water main at the new location). For a 20mm service, the cost is $1342.28.
  • You can raise or lower the level of your water meter (please ensure you specify the distance that your meter is to be raised or lowered above the new finished ground level, when submitting your application). For a 20mm service, the cost is $456.27.
  • You can move your meter towards or away (forward or back) from the house from it's current location, however the meter can only be located to a maximum of 1.5m inside the front boundary line of the property. For a 20mm service, the cost is $456.27. 
  • To move your meter to the verge, you should seek permission from your local authority and in all cases the meter will be lowered into a meter box. For a 20mm service, the relocation cost is $456.27 and the cost for a meter box is $210.00.

Note: Due to electrical risks we are prevented from installing the water meter within 500mm from the centre of a power dome.

Meter box installation is available to customers who need to protect their water meter by placing it in a meter box and cover, after considering all other alternatives for the protection of the water meter.

The box consists of a trafficable cast iron lid with a plastic underbox and only applies to services up to and including 50mm, and when the backflow risk deemed to be low or medium.

All meter boxes are to be installed by Water Corporation or our approved installers providing it meets our safety requirements. Subject to your agreement to our conditions, Water Corporation or our approved installers will install the box. 

How much will it cost?

Please refer to our Water supply service fees page for further information about the cost of meter relocations.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to arrange for a plumber to reconnect all internal pipework, and reticulation (if applicable) for meter relocations over 500mm and meter box installations.

If the meter is to be located into the council verge, you should seek permission in writing from the local shire before making an application to move your meter into the verge (the meter must be placed in a box and cover). 

How to apply

To apply to relocate your water meter / service, you can login to BuilderNet and click 'Lodge a water service application'.

We will email you an invoice outlining the relevant fees. You will need to pay these fees before a work order can be generated.

Submit your application now

More information

For further information about meter relocations and the conditions associated to the installation of meter boxes, you can contact us via one of the following options:


Phone: 13 13 95

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