Service providers for non-drinking water schemes

Looking to find out who can be the service provider for your non-drinking water scheme? We are one possible service provider - find out what your other options are here.

Operators of non-drinking water schemes are generally required to be licensed by the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA). You can find a list of current water license holders on their website.  

Current water license holders in WA

Water Corporation-led non-drinking water schemes

When do we initiate non-drinking water schemes?

Sometimes we may propose non-drinking water schemes to complement drinking water supplies. In general, non-drinking water schemes are more likely to be viable for us to lead and develop:

  • in areas of rapid growth
  • with limited drinking water availability
  • where the existing water or wastewater infrastructure is at or near capacity.

In these instances, we will engage with land developers and local government to develop non-drinking water proposals.

When we can be the service provider for a developer-initiated scheme

We will consider being the service provider for a non-drinking water scheme initiated by a developer when the proposed scheme:

  • is situated within our Water Services Licence area
  • does not compromise our service to existing customers
  • is water efficient
  • is technically and operationally sound and compliant with relevant standards
  • is of an appropriate scale.

A commercial agreement would need to be developed between us and the developer.

Please complete our request form if you would like us to contact you to discuss your proposal and commercial arrangements.

Advice request form

Our experience with non-drinking water schemes

We operate about 80 non-drinking water schemes in WA. These include:

  • The dual reticulation scheme in Denham, where groundwater is supplied for non-drinking water uses.
  • Numerous farmland schemes, including Yuna in the Mid West, where non-drinking water provides a fit for purpose and more affordable alternative to scheme water.
  • In Kwinana, we own and operate the Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant, which supplies high quality recycled water through dual reticulation to industrial customers.
  • We assisted in the planning and development of the dual reticulation project at the ‘The Green’ Estate in Brighton. This land development, located in the north-west corridor of Perth, was developed in conjunction with Satterley Property Group and the City of Wanneroo to deliver high quality groundwater to irrigate residential gardens.
  • Subiaco Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) provides around 280 megalitres per year of recycled water to irrigate 27 ha at the McGillivray Sporting Complex, Floreat. Secondary treated wastewater from Subiaco WWTP is filtered and chlorinated prior to being piped to the McGillivray complex – it is the first large scale recycled water irrigation scheme in the Perth metropolitan area.

In Albany treated wastewater irrigates 450,000 Tasmanian blue gums. Once the trees are harvested they are processed at a local mill for export as woodchips. 

This is just one example of numerous woodlots which use recycled water for irrigation, particularly in the south west of the State.

Developer-led non-drinking water schemes

Land developers can choose to install a non-drinking water scheme if they are willing to fund the costs and secure a non-drinking water service provider.