Data logging and leak detection

A data logger installed on the water meter assisted the site to identify unusual water use levels which turned out to be an underground leak. Fixing the leak saved more than 100,000 litres per day.

36 million

litres per year saved

How can you do this?

Why we acted


The data logger showed we had an abnormal spike in water consumption that we could not account for.

Basic water audit

How we did it

Leak at Riverton Leisureplex

To identify the source of the unusual water use we did a number of things including: 

  • a full audit of all internal plumbing in the aquatic centre
  • checks of the balance tank make up valves, air-conditioning units and stormwater drains
  • isolation tests of the balance tanks overnight encouraging staff, contractors and parks and gardens teams to report any water leaks or unusual water use
  • inspections of all external grassed and paved areas.

As a result of the inspection a number of small plumbing issues were identified and repaired and an underground isolation valve was also repaired.

To complete the audit an audit checklist was used and plumbing plans were vital. We also used specialised leak detection equipment such as acoustic sensing and ground penetrating radar. 

We engaged a Waterwise Auditor to conduct a full audit of the centre after hours and a Waterwise Plumber with leak detection capability (acoustic and ground penetration scanning) was engaged to investigate plumbing.

What we are doing now

To keep focus on our water use and continue to improve water efficiency we are now an endorsed Waterwise Aquatic Centre and continue to update our Water Efficiency Management Plan. We have also:

  • changed shower heads to 7l/min and basin taps to 3.5l/min
  • installed waterwise stickers and signage around the centre
  • encourage staff to attend Water Corporation training and information sessions
  • review  data  logger information daily, and
  • review water bills.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.