Sea Turtle Swim School

See how replacing a leak in our pool liner is saving us on average a month’s worth of heated water from our swimming pool.


How can you do this?

Why we acted


We opened our swim school late April 2015, and not surprisingly our water usage increased with our student load. However, surprisingly our water usage did not change as summer arrived when our students were having less showers nor when winter returned and we have fewer students.

It remained constant despite changes in student numbers and seasons. After joining the Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program we started to pay more attention to our water meter and found that we were using water day and night, and even over the weekend when we were closed.

We check our changing room and pool area daily for leaks. We had been monitoring our ills which had been increasing along with our student numbers. However, it was overnight monitoring of our meter that revealed we had a leak.

We were leaking over a pools worth of water every month.

Analysis of our bills showed that the leak probably started in September 2015; we joined the Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program in July 2016, identified our leak in August 2016 and repaired it in September with the vinyl liner being replaced in November 2016.

Assess your use

How we did it

Our pool is vinyl lined which initially we had repaired. However Chris our pool designer decided that the liner needed to be replaced to make sure it didn't happen again which was arranged under warranty.

In order to save water we pumped the pool out into tanks. These held almost all of the pool water, which we returned to the pool when the repair was completed.

Sea Turtle Swim Schools two hired tanks that the dewatered pool water was placed into while the pool liner was replaced.  Sea Turtle Swim School pool being emptied  The liner being replaced at Sea Turtle Swim School

The tanks for water storage               Emptying the pool      Repairing the pool                             

Sea Turtle Swim School Pool Repaired

The pool repaired 

What we are doing now

We continue to check our bills, energy use and complete a daily check of the changing rooms and pool area. We are investigating a data logger to help identify unexpected water peaks so we can respond far quicker should it happen again.

Who to contact

Cathy at