Coogee Beach Holiday Park

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Leak detection and repair case study

A flood of water was the first sign of a continuous flow leak at Coogee Beach Holiday Park. With the help of a data logger and a ground penetrating radar, 3 significant leaks were identified and repaired. 



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Why we acted

Wish we had found it earlier.

Andrew Clout, Manager

A mushroom of water had appeared on the grass verge and was flooding the surrounding area and the data logger graph was showing a continuous flow. We dug out the area and found a 30mm pipe with a small hole, so this was easily repaired.

The main was turned back on and we discovered another leak, so a plumber was contacted and replaced the damaged copper pipe. We thought the leaks had all been repaired but we had more plumbers on site with ground penetrating radar. They took 12 hours and discovered another significant leak under the road leading to the park.

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How we did it

  • We employed leak detection specialists to find the leaks. 
  • We employed a plumber to fix the leaks.

What we are doing now

We are currently reducing wastage further by re-laying a 20 metre section of underground water main; this should save another 28 kilolitres per day, or 10,512 kilolitres per year.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.