Caravan park case study

Fremantle Village Caravan Park reduced its water consumption – almost by half – in a 2 year period by introducing daily monitoring of water use, data logging and sub metering around the park.


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How can you do this?

Why we acted


We received a large water bill that wasn’t consistent with previous ones and this led us to investigate the site's water use in more detail. The findings of our investigation was a catalyst for the introduction of regular monitoring of water use on a daily basis.

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How we did it

View of Fremantle Village Caravan Park 

The caravan park used 50,159 kilolitres in 2007–08 and almost halved this to 27,385 kilolitres in 2010–11.

We achieved water savings through:

  • reading meters on a daily basis
  • using a leak detection company to locate leaks
  • using the water use benchmark guide to identify areas around the park to target for water efficiency management
  • installation of water sub meters around the park to provide improved information about water use levels and helping with early detection of plumbing leaks
  • replacement of plumbing fittings in showers with water efficient models 
  • replacing the existing pipes with new pipework.

See how Fremantle Village Caravan Park reduced its water use by over 44%:

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What we are doing now

We have established a culture of sustainability amongst our staff and permanent residents. We will continue to educate staff, residents and travellers about the ways that water can be saved

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.