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Waterwise display village

The Shire of Capel has a strong commitment to the sustainable use of water resources in the community.

In the development of a new display village in Dalyellup, all display homes, the car park and sales office were required to follow waterwise principles.




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Why we acted

By requiring display homes in the Village to incorporate various water saving features, the Shire hopes that more people building new homes in Dalyellup will include water saving features in their homes.

Shire of Capel

The Shire of Capel has a strong commitment to the sustainable use of water resources in the community and has a vision to encourage community diversity, sustainability and growth without comprising its rural and coastal lifestyle.

Waterwise principles were introduced throughout the display village to demonstrate a range of sustainability features and water saving principles in landscaping design and building requirements.

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How we did it

Shire of Capel waterwise display villageThe Shire of Capel’s Strategic Plan 2009–2020 incorporates strategies to achieve leadership in living sustainably, for example incorporating the Waterwise Display Village Design Guidelines into the Shire’s Urban Landscape Improvement Plan.

What we are doing now

The Sustainable Display Village continues to demonstrate what can be done in new homes to reduce water use.

Gardens around the display homes require little water and have a modern appearance, and the Shire regularly recommends to people that that they look at them to get ideas for developing their own gardens.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please contact Evan Gray at the Shire of Capel.

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