Home audits & retrofit programs

To promote water and energy saving, the City of Cockburn offered free home audits to help residents understand their bills and reduce their energy and water consumption.

Since 2009, 295 homes have been audited, with 100 receiving water efficient hardware to save around the home.

33 kilolitres

water saved per household


free home audits completed

How can you do this?

Why they acted

  • The City is a part of the ICLEI Water Campaign and Waterwise Council Program, which has set targets to reduce water consumption and improve water quality in the area.
  • In 2008 the Cockburn community used over 10 million kilolitres of water, of which 85% was accountable in households. As a result, a free home energy and water audit program was developed. It helped residents identify where they could be losing water and money – and how they could make their home more efficient.
  • A retrofit program also provided homes with water efficient fixtures and fittings.

Assess your use

How they did it

  • The programs were advertised by the City and the audits carried out by Environment House. 

  • Each audit took 60 to 90 minutes and involved all members of the household.

  • Following the audit, a tailored report with recommendations was provided to the household.

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