City of Joondalup

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Soil moisture probes

Through the installation of soil moisture sensors on active sporting grounds, the City was able to reduce groundwater consumption and improve irrigation efficiency.



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How can you do this?

Why they acted

“Our watering regimes are based on historical and current evaporation rates and future climatic conditions. The probes assist with the fine tuning of the watering regimes to prevent watering beyond the root zones.”

Andrew O’Farrell, Irrigation Supervisor

With many active sporting grounds around the City, the need to determine effective irrigation practices was vital.

Soil moisture probes at City of Joondalup

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How they did it

  • Soil moisture sensors were trialed to improve the efficiency of its irrigation practices and overall turf management

  • Soil moisture technology allowed the City to monitor the soil profile. Previously, they could only determine how much water was being applied, not how much was actually being used by the turf.

What we are doing now

Initially 10 active and high profile parks were monitored over a 5 month period with data being monitored on a regular basis to determine irrigation schedules.

As a result of the trial period a program is in place to install soil moisture sensors in all active and high profile public open spaces.


Want more information on about this case study?

Please contact Andrew O'Farrell, Irrigation Supervisor on (08) 9400 4147.