Seedling subsidy scheme

In an effort to promote the establishment of native gardens and waterwise practices, The City of Kwinana runs an annual seedling subsidy scheme.

With Council funding, Kwinana residents are able to purchase subsidised native plants and seedlings from $1.50 each.


litres saved annually


on native plants

How can you do this?

Why we acted

With households using up to 71% of public water, the City of Kwinana understands the crucial need for residents to reduce their water use. By running the seedling subsidy scheme, the City demonstrates its leadership in improving water efficiency and conversation.

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How we did it

The subsidy scheme is available to all residents of the City of Kwinana and advertised through the City’s newsletter, The Spirit of Kwinana, the local newsletter and the City’s Facebook page.

City of Kwinana Seedling subsidy sale

Each year residents are invited to purchase up to 40 plants per household at the annual Kwinana Heritage Event.

The seedlings available are all local native species that will grow easily and make a colourful and attractive addition to gardens.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please contact Steve McCabe at the City of Kwinana.

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