Tompkins Park Showerhead Swap

The City converted thirty 18–21 litre per minute showerheads with water efficiency 9 litre showerheads in the Tompkins Park change rooms.


showerheads replaced


water efficiency actions


litres saved/day

How can you do this?

Why we acted

Amidst a state-wide water shortage and continually drying climate, the City of Melville recognises its responsibility to manage and reduce its water use, and understands it is ideally positioned to act as a community leader.

The Tompkins Park change room showers are frequently used by the community, which means the potential for water savings are high.

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How we did it

The project was funded internally by the City of Melville as part of its Local Action Plan, developed in 2006 for the ICLEI Water Campaign. 

The City has since reached Milestone 5 of the Water Campaign and the City’s Local Action Plan is now due to be updated. 

Its ongoing water efficiency actions are captured in the Environmental Improvement Plan 2012–2014. This plan which also validates the City’s endorsement as a Waterwise Council.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please contact Nicki Ledger at City of Melville.

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