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Demonstration gardens

As part of the City of Nedlands' ongoing commitment to improve its water efficiency, passive lawn areas at the front of the Administration Building and Nedlands Library have been converted into two Waterwise Demonstration Gardens.


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How can you do this?

Why we acted

We’re continuously looking for ways to efficiently use water in the City of Nedlands. Our garden makeovers show how water use can be dramatically reduced by changing how a space is used – the new gardens are far more waterwise and a nice surprise for pedestrians.

The City of Nedlands

With Western Australia’s drying climate, the City of Nedlands are taking strong actions to reduce water use and spread the water efficiency messages.

The passive lawn areas required water and maintenance, converting them to demonstration waterwise gardens shows the community the possibilities with passive lawn and saves maintenance time.

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How we did it

The demonstration gardens were developed as part of the City of Nedlands’ Sustainability Strategy and funding was approved through the annual budget process.

What we are doing now

Water use is continually monitored at the demonstration gardens and with Parks Department staff being knowledgeable on waterwise gardening practices the gardens stay in top shape.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please contact Phoebe Huigens at the City of Nedlands.

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