Remote irrigation controller

The City of Subiaco has adopted a remote irrigation control system at 33 of its parks, reserves and streetscapes to reduce its groundwater use.


more efficient irrigation


cost of system

62.9 million

litres saved in 2012

How can you do this?

Why we acted

The City of Subiaco is committed to reducing water use at every angle and understands the importance of appropriately managing their groundwater resources.

With the strain on groundwater supplies the City of Subiaco Parks and Environment Services staff were interested in managing the irrigation systems at a more professional and efficient level.

Since staff hours are regulated to an 8 hour working day from Monday to Friday, the City wanted to be able to adjust its irrigation schedule afterhours, without needing to be ‘in the office'.

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How we did it

By embracing technology, an iPad was added to the City’s Rainbird Maxicom Irrigation Central control – which runs the irrigation at 33 parks, reserves and streetscapes around the City.

Remote irrigation system at City of SubiacoBy monitoring the weather forecast, staff members can log onto the central control and check the City's weather stations. 

If there has been sufficient rainfall and an irrigation event is scheduled the irrigation at all parks is cancelled.

What we are doing now

The City of Subiaco continues to monitor weather events and cancel irrigation events when there has been a sufficient rain event.

The new technologies also make testing and fault resolution more efficient for Parks and Environment staff.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on this case study please contact Blake Humble at the City of Subiaco.

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