To reduce groundwater use, the City of Vincent has created a number of eco-zoned public areas by converting existing turfed areas into native garden areas, which use a lot less water.

The newly eco-zoned areas are designed to become self-sufficient within 1–2 years meaning they won't need any irrigation after this time.

1-2 years

before irrigation is not required


waterwise natives replace turf areas

How can you do this?

Why we acted

The City of Vincent is committed to reducing its groundwater use wherever possible without compromising on the quality of public open spaces.

While turf certainly has value and purpose within the City, underutilised turfed areas can often be converted into native gardens without any negative implications.

Assess your use

How we did it

The ideal spaces within parks, reserves and road reserves were identified then appropriate native species chosen for the space followed by planning and then converting the space.

What we are doing now

Periodic monitoring of the newly converted spaces is conducted by various Park Officers to ensure the plants are thriving.

They also replant (if required) and the need for weed control is identified and carried out.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please contact Jacqueline Parker at City of Vincent.

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